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Reprise the role of John Mullins: patriot, weapons specialist, anti-terrorist mercenary and Military Consultant. Trust no one, only your ability to take out operatives with your brains, brawn and firepower. Failure is not an option. Soldier of Fortune II features a localized damage system called GHOUL 2 which graphically depicts your weapons' impact on enemies.


  • 10 Single Player Missions Spanning 70 Levels.

  • Random Scenario Generator.

  • DM, Team DM, CTF, Infiltration and Elimination Multiplayer modes,

    featuring the RMG Random Map Generation technology.

  • Quake III: Team Arena Engine Enhanced With:
    GHOUL 2 Rendering System
    TORR Terrain System
    LICH AI System
    ICARUS2 Scripting System
    Dynamic Sound and Music System

  • 14 Real-World Weapons and 10 Grenades:
    Multiple Fire Modes Per Weapon
    Location/Region Specific Weaponry
    Weapons Carry Authentic Military Designations

  • Real-World Locations/Environments Including:
    Colombia, Kamchatka, Hong Kong and Prague

  • Extremely Detailed Characters and Weapons:
    Motion-Captured Character Animations 3000 Polygon Enemy Models
    1500 Polygon Weapon Models
    Photo-Realistic Textures and Skins
    Professional Voice Acting

  • Environmental Effects: Snow, Rain, Fog.

  • Parental Lockout and Violence Level Controls.

  • Real-World, Cinematic Quality Action Story.

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