Reign of Fire throws you into ferocious battles between two ancient species fighting for survival: humans and dragons. An action-packed game set in the near future, you have will choose to take the side of the humans - struggling against a seemingly insurmountable fire-breathing foe, or to play as a dragon that's out to eradicate everything in its path.


Quinn has grown up to be a "resistance fighter" for a small community hiding in an old castle in the burnt-out English countryside. His people have been reduced to living in near-medieval conditions. There's a pair of dragons prowling the vicinity, attacking the few remaining villages, destroying crops, and generally making life hell for the humans. The fire brigades risk their lives to put out the awful firestorms caused by the dragon attacks as they rescue the trapped or wounded survivors.

Play as either a human or a dragon: As a human, you take the role of a resistance fighter, controlling a variety of well-equipped vehicles. Your purpose is to defend the last remaining humans from attack and eventually to make your way to the site of the sole male dragon - London now lying in ruins. As a dragon, the player will take the role of an infant led by instinct to attack its foe at any opportunity and attempt to eradicate the human race. The plot follows the maturing of the dragon, gradually getting more powerful, as the game progresses.

Missions are linked by a fast-moving plot; based on events in the film.


  • Play the game as a dragon OR human with massive and varied firepower.

  • High-speed action game matching the pace of the film.

  • Twenty missions of arcade action in each game.

  • When palying as a human many different vehicles with an array of onboard weaponry including: cannons, rockets and machine guns will eventually be at your disposal.

  • As a dragon, the player will evolve as you progress through the missions with weapons including: a single fireball, and a flame jet

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