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The hit franchise Dance Dance Revolution arrives on the Xbox in an all-new game with licensed music, all-new songs, exclusive songs for North America and cool game modes. Designed especially for the Xbox, the revolution goes online with Xbox Live support, offering a host of new downloadable features. With robust options, modes and great music, Dance Dance Revolution for the Xbox will be a must-have for any fan of the series.


Dance Dance Revolution is an innovative dancing simulation game that challenges the player with its combination of music, rhythm and coordination.

All you have to do is press the correct directional buttons or Directional Arrows on the Dance Dance Revolution Controller that corresponds to the arrow(s) that appear on-screen.The correct dance arrow must be played when it crosses the permanent arrows inside the Step Zone.The Step Zone for
each player is located in the upper part of the screen.


  • Xbox LIVE enabled - download content, compete online and more

  • New songs, exclusive songs for the U.S., licensed songs and dance hits

  • New game modes for all night dancing fun

  • Customize dance steps in Edit mode and exercise in Work Out mode

Hardware Requirements

DDR Gamepad is recommended for this game to take advantage of the experience and the core gameplay design. There are several available by different manufacturers.

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