Totaled! is a fast-paced, furious and fun step into the world of classic cars and their subsequent explosive destruction. Climb into a Hot Rod, Muscle Car or Performance Car and rip it apart at the expense of your opponents. No engine tweaking, tyre balancing or pit stops, just glass-smashing, metal-mangling fun.


  • Exceptionally detailed vehicles

  • Pioneering and extensive realistic damage and wreckage system unlike anything previously seen - windshields shatter, fenders dent, hoods tear away and wheels fly off!

  • Tons of hot rods, muscle and performance cars, each with unique attributes

  • 12 tracks and unlockable extras

  • More than 20 multi-player and single player game types and challenges

  • Customizable team play modes

Editor's Note:

Previously known as "Crash".

Added on: September 12, 2001

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Aug 17, 02 8:21am

The game generally sucks, and the only reason I rented it was to get rid of my free...

Aug 07, 02 8:14am

Totaled! is definatly a mulitplayer game, given you must unlock everything in single...

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