50 Cent: Bulletproof presents 50 Cent in a unique visceral experience combining hard-hitting action and unprecedented interaction with his music. Inspired by a climactic event in his life the urban fable follows 50 Cent as he survives being shot 9 times (ergo: bulletproof) during an ambush and vows to seek revenge against his enemies—the most dangerous crime families in the city. His vengeance leads him down a bloody path through New York's drug underworld where he uncovers an international conspiracy with devastating implications. With no other options 50 must fight his way out of a vicious web of corruption, double-crosses and shady deals.


  • Takedown enemies with over 25 dramatic counter-kill moves
  • Clip up with a massive stash of weapons, from heaters to lauchers
  • Grab enemies as body shields, beat valuable information out of them
  • Grab anything with wheels as mobile cover and use strategic cover tactics and evasive rolls to stay alive while the shells fly
  • Largest single collection of 50 Cent and G-Unit music and videos including new exclusive tracks and freestyles from 50 Cent
  • Create custom music and video playlists
  • Match 50 Cent's freestyles with beats in the mix lab
  • Classic Arcade Mode allows players to compete for bragging rights
  • An epic crime story told over 10 brutal chapters with over 35 levels
  • Over 60 minutes of cinematics bring this criminal masterpiece to life

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hansie and 3 others own 50 Cent: Bulletproof
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this game is the bomb :} 50CentBulletproof Xbox
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giga fire
Sep 15, 06 8:14am
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May 22, 06 12:26am
poor aiming system otherwise ok 50CentBulletproof PS2
Feb 14, 06 11:30pm
good 50CentBulletproof PS2
Dan the pain
Feb 08, 06 3:31am
Sick Graphics. 50CentBulletproof PS2
Jan 08, 06 6:23pm
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Madd Duece
Dec 23, 05 12:28pm

If you are a G-Unit fan, then this is the kind of game for you. It's basicly, a...

Dec 01, 05 1:51am
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