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Wolfenstein: The New Order is a single player FPS shooter based on the Wolfenstein franchise, released in May 2014. The title takes place in an alternate history where Nazis have won the Second World War. You play as B.J. Blazkowicz, an American war hero who awakens after a 14 year hiatus spent in a coma, only to find Europe and much of the world under the Nazi Regime's totalitarian rule. The year is 1960, and B.J. clearly has work to do, and a lot of history to rewrite in his quest to overthrow the Nazi regime.

Fight against a technologically advanced Nazi superpower, from cunning villains to their army of modified Super Soldiers. Fortunately, B.J. won't have to fight alone. The New Order introduces an entirely new cast of allies who will lay their lives for a cause -- and to see B.J. succeed where they failed.

Wolfenstein: The New Order uses id Software’s id Tech 5 engine and features wide open exterior levels or tight corridors in fortresses.


Players will have an arsenal at their hands from knives to rockets. and virtually everything can be duel wielded. Unlike a strictly shooter style FPS, Wolfenstein: TNO has some RPG elements by allowing players to unlock different "trees" of upgrades for B.J, ranging from faster movement to reload speed improvements or increased damage.

Players can choose to use stealth or jump into combat with all guns blazing, which allows you to approach parts of levels based on your preferred playstyle.

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