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Sunset Overdrive is a third-person shooting game developed by Insomniac Games exclusively for the Xbox One. As a downtrodden janitor of FizzCo, you discover your employer has transformed the populace of Sunset City into crazed mutants with poisoned energy drinks. Now you must blast your way out of the city and clean up FizzCo's mess as well as Sunset City's rival factions in gameplay that blends free-running exploration with shooting action.

Players can create their own character, then build their style gauge by traversing across Sunset City using a variety of special movement tricks like surface grinding, air dashing and wall running across open world environments. Earning style points will allow players to power up their characters' stats and weapons using Amp and Overdrive power-ups. New weapons can be unlocked using the energy drink currency earned from defeating enemies and completing missions.

Online multiplayer Chaos Squad missions support up to eight players and feature more challenging objectives based on the single player game.

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On the week of Christmas, Insomniac Games will be releasing Sunset Overdrive's first... posted Dec 09, 14 9:16am

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