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Originally an Xbox One launch exclusive, but now available on PC as well, Ryse stands as an example of what both the CryEngine is capable of, as well as the Xbox One's hardware. Featuring some of the most lifelike and expressive faces in video games, Ryse: Son of Rome is an extremely cinematic action title that prioritizes epic set-piece settings, a story that Gladiator might be jealous of, and third-person combat that may not stand out particularly well no matter how great the visuals of the game are.

Starring Marius, Ryse follows the man from childhood into his recruitment by the Roman Legion. His quest leads him to pursue vengeance for his murdered family and his filled with war, brutality, political intrigue, treachery, and supernatural intervention. The cinematics will take care of the talking, so long as the player takes care of the fighting.

Unfortunately, a planned sequel to Ryse that was in development at Crytek has since been canceled. Whether the franchise will yet continue in the future only the gods know.

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CRYENGINE Unleashed: Witness the power of CRYENGINE in full flow on Xbox One. New features like Crytek’s Virtual Camera hardware provide more directorial power than ever before, meaning developers can make lighting, environment and effects changes on the spot to create a more immersive game world. Meanwhile, advanced Vertex Animation combines with numerous other new features to set new standards for facial animation and realism. At every turn, CRYENGINE’s power is put to work not just to change what you see on-screen, but how you connect to the action too.

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