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Square Enix and Disney's delirious and surprisingly powerful partnership continues with the announcement of Kingdom Hearts III. No more handheld spin-off stories, no more HD remasters -- it's time to get this story back on track. The creator of the Kingdom Hearts franchise and the director of all the previous games in the series, Tetsuya Nomura, is back and ready to create a more intense, more mature step forward in the franchise.

Gameplay will continue the franchise's action roots, but Nomura insists that they're creating a more "frantic" evolution of the system. For those unfamiliar, Kingdom Hearts features a third-person action based around small parties of three, where the player fights with combo-based melee attacks, dodges and jumps. He can also poke his AI partners to defend or heal, as well as use items. It's basically a real-time action version of an RPG party.

Sora will be returning to the starring role, albeit older and hopefully wiser. The supporting case of Riku, Donald, Goofy and Mickey will also be returning. Sora and his party, the shield-bearing Goofy and the mag Donald, will be hunting down the seven guardians of light. Mickey and Riku will have a mission of their own. Ultimately, Sora will come face to face with Master Xehanort. The events of Kingdom Hearts III will wrap up the trilogy.

As ever, the game will feature multiple different worlds from the Disney universe. While no worlds have yet been confirmed, rumors have been swirling around the inclusion of both Star Wars and Frozen worlds or characters.

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