Fable Legends is the 2015 release in Lionhead Studios' Fable series, and will be released as a free-to-play title for Xbox One. It is the fourth game in the series, but should not be considered "Fable 4" as it does not continue the storyline. Instead, it takes place hundreds of years prior, in the time of the first Fable.

The mainstays of previous titles in the franchise have all been the single player experience, developing the story around the protagonist, and having the player go down the path of good or evil with the aid of friends. Fable Legends keeps to this formula while emphasizing co-operative combat and the online experience with co-op online play.

In Fable Legends, the "single player" experience will involve the Hero accompanied by party of 3 computer controlled companions, while multiplayer online co-op is in the style of Diablo, where up to 3 friends can join the game and take on the roles of those companions.

Fable Legends features 12 Heroes, 6 female, and 6 male. The Heroes represent different qualities and have detailed backstories. The game will offer a selection of four playable heroes for free each week; players cannot choose which heroes will be made available for free trial, but they have the option to purchase heroes for permanent selection through in-game or real world currency.

The game will still allow players to choose the path of Good and Evil, and the game will still involve quests, traps, and exploration. "Villain" players have their own selection of free quests and monsters to challenge the heroes with each week, and like the playable heroes this selection is random unless players choose to unlock them using purchase.

Game Play

A new multiplayer mode in Fable Legends allows a unique 4v1 experience where one player acts as the "villain" in dungeons. The villain controls the traps, placement of creatures and the strategy to use against the Hero.


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