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Talk about a new way to get hyped. With Destiny just a week away, Bungie today launched Planet... posted 8 hours ago

Are you ready for September 9? Destiny PS4

As has become the norm with exclusivity in the gaming market, even multi-platform game releases... posted Aug 27, 14 11:15am

In just a few weeks, Destiny will finally be making it to a console near you, marking the... posted Aug 21, 14 1:10pm

“It doesn’t matter who you were, Only what you will become” It is these rousing... posted Aug 18, 14 12:51pm

Who doesn't want to visit Mars in the near future? The newest Destiny video reminds us that the... posted Aug 12, 14 3:30pm

Destiny already seems like a sure success for Bungie and Activision, as it's declared the most... posted Aug 12, 14 11:03am

The record breaking Destiny console beta last month attracted over 4.6 million players.... posted Aug 11, 14 6:46am

Destiny Fastest glimmer strategy (10k every half hour) Destiny PS4

The Destiny beta concluded just this past weekend, and today Bungie and publisher Activision... posted Jul 30, 14 11:48am

Today is the official end date of the Beta, if you've played at all over the last 10 days, we want to know about it. Destiny PS4

It's past 4:00PM this fine July 24th, 2014, and you know what that means: Destiny beta access... posted Jul 24, 14 5:15pm

The music for this game in the beta is incredible Destiny PS4
So, I have some questions about the game's story following the beta. Destiny PS4

A new trailer from Bungie and Activision today highlights the Destiny pre-order bonus DLC, the... posted Jul 21, 14 1:24pm

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