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Destiny players love to one-up their fellow Guardians, and these days, that tends to involve... posted Oct 16, 14 3:27pm

September saw the launch of Activision and Bungie's Destiny, and so it would come to rule U.S.... posted Oct 16, 14 5:44pm

cjmj669 and 2 others own Destiny

Although the infamous Destiny loot cave is no more, its legacy remains. Guardians recently... posted Oct 14, 14 5:33pm

Decided to stream some Crucible gameplay for everyone, so you can all see how much I suck. :D Destiny PS4
Unlocked Strikes and almost done Venus. Just the Raid to do then I can move on to Mars and progress the story! :D Destiny PS4

The Vault of Glass is Destiny's first raid, and it happens to require six players to complete.... posted Oct 09, 14 7:17am

Destiny update 1.0.2. has gone live, bringing some much-needed changes that fans have been... posted Sep 30, 14 1:06pm

The good people of Bungie know how to get things done quick. A day after dropping some Destiny... posted Sep 25, 14 11:19am

Today, Bungie revealed the next Destiny event will take Guardians into the Crucible, to... posted Sep 25, 14 11:16am

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