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It's been 10 years since the zombie outbreak in Fortune City and 15 years since the original zombie outbreak at Willamette, Colorado. Dead Rising 3 takes place in Los Perdidos, California where players take on the role of Nick Ramos as he teams up with other survivors in an attempt to try to escape a zombie outbreak in the city. As usual, there is a healthy dose of people that have gone crazy and become psychopaths that Nick will have to deal with as well. Being a skilled mechanic, Nick can craft weapons just like Chuck in Dead Rising 2, but Nick can also work on cars to make them deadly zombie killing machines.

Unlike in Dead Rising 2, players can now combine weapons on the go. No longer are players restricted to crafting weapons only at work benches! Dead Rising 3 is a much more open-world experience than it's predecessors - Nick is able to explore the entire city of Los Perdidos in four districts that include many stores and other buildings he can loot. The city is so big that driving a car is the most advised way of traveling.

Dead Rising 3 has a time limit of several days (in-game time) so the time constraints are much slimmer than in past games, allowing players to explore the surrounding area more and not worry too much about getting main story objectives done quickly. Along with Nick is another survivor by the name of "Dick" that can be used through co-op play. Dead Rising 3 allows two players to explore Los Perdidos at the same time through Xbox Live much like the co-op play in Dead Rising 2, but both players are not required to stay in the same area - co-op players can go and do whatever they want to do in Los Perdidos.

The game also makes use of kinect so that players can yell out to get the attention of surrounding zombies in order to distract them. The Xbox Smartglass application for mobile devices can be used to open up extra missions by receiving them through the smartglass device which basically becomes a phone that can be used to contact the player for extras.

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  • Genre: Fighting
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Released
    North AmericaNov 22, 2013
    EuropeNov 22, 2013
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