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Yager development has their work cut out for them, moving from creating Spec Ops: The Line to Dead Island 2. Still, considering how divisive Dead Island's initial release was, Yager should have a great idea on what works well and what doesn't. What clearly works? Cooperative shooting with customizable classes and lots of zombie killing. What doesn't work? Apparently islands. Dead Island 2 takes place in California.

Certain areas of California have already been shown, including the Santa Monica Pier and Hollywood as well as various locations in San Francisco. How these locations will be used in-game is unclear, though it has been confirmed that Dead Island 2 will feature both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.

Other changes include more fearsome, but fragile zombies in order to make combat more tense in the immediate. Other mechanics like rage and weapon combination crafting will also be returning. So long as there's plenty of zombie smashing, fans will almost certainly be back for more.

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