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More Batman than ever before -- Bat-tacular. Batman Arkham Knight will conclude Rocksteady Games' trilogy (no disrespect to the competent Batman: Arkham Origins) as Batman goes up against the mysterious and anonymous Arkham Knight. Well, the Arkham Knight bankrolled and supported by the Scarecrow and probably a dozen other notorious villains from Batman's less-than-spotless past. It's likely to be Batman's greatest challenge yet. Not to mention dealing with all of those Joker feelings from the previous game.

Batman: Arkham Knight won't stray too far from the formula that gave the franchise its success. Generally speaking Batman will still be flying around Gotham, fighting assorted criminals with combo-tastic action sequences, hunting down collectibles and saving as many people as he can along the way. New to the series will be the introduction of the Batmobile, a powerful weapon, a source of speedy transportation, and even a tool to help maintain combos during combat sequences. Odds are the Batmobile won't be Batman's only new toy, either.

Perhaps most remarkable about Batman: Arkham Knight is the visual update as the franchise is brought over to the latest generation of consoles. Batman looks strikingly better than even the PC versions of the previous games, though it's something that's hard to respect without seeing it in motion. Without a doubt, Batman: Arkham Knight will be one of 2015's best.

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