Zoids Assault is a strategy RPG based on Takara Tomy's Zoids motorized model kit franchise. The game features a story based loosely on the original setting for the model kits, set in a time of war between two fictitious superpowers. The player commands of a unit of Zoids, biomechanical war machines fashioned after animals and creatures, in turn-based tactical RPG battles with isometric battlefields and tile-based movement and weapon ranges.

Once Zoids receive the order to attack an enemy unit, the camera shifts to a cinematic display of the action. Friendly Zoid units can lend support to others provided they are also within range of the target, but enemies are also capable of leveraging the this kind of support encouraging strategic placement of units to maximize offense and reduce counterattacks.

Though not based on an existing Zoids property, Zoids Assault does feature mecha designs from the model kit lineup including the Liger. In-game Zoids can be customized with upgrades and weapons, as well as skins which feature stat boosts.

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