XCOM: Enemy Unknown Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 9.0/10

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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Reviews

website score publish date
gamrReview 9.0/10 Nov 08 '12
Game Watcher 9.0/10 Oct 08 '12
Games Radar /10 Oct 08 '12
Gamespot 8.5/10 Oct 08 '12
Worthplaying 9.5/10 Oct 18 '12
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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Previews

website publish date
GamerNode Apr 23 '12
Games Radar Mar 06 '12
Gamespot May 22 '12
Gamespot Mar 06 '12
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Game Watcher on Oct 21 '12

"The turn-based retro classic is faithfully reborn, without sacrificing its alien heritage."

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GamerNode on Apr 24 '12

"It’s clear that 2K and Firaxis Games are hoping to revive this classic strategy series in what they feel to be the most honest way possible: honoring the series roots while providing upgrades that..."

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Games Radar on Mar 08 '12

"Find out why XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be more faithful to the PC classic in our first-look at Firaxis Games’ take on the sci-fi strategy series…"

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Games Radar on Oct 10 '12

"Alien invasions might be overdone, but XCOM: Enemy Unknown presents the same old story in a way that's remarkably engaging, with some of the strongest tactical gameplay in years..."

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Gamespot on Oct 09 '12

"Tension runs high in the excellent XCOM: Enemy Unknown. "

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