The story of Wik is not a tale you've heard, It's doubtful you've been able, for never was put into words such cunning prose or Fable.
As heroes go, he's quite a pick, he cannot walk so, no not a lick. And running? Methinks a simple stick could run faster than poor ol' Wik.
But 'ere you think him weak, a sure, complete disaster, It's unlikely that you've ever known anyone who's faster. For without a single step, he covers much more ground than any creature fleet or foot - any fox or hound.
Agile as an acrobat, and smart as any wiz make no mistake about it, a hero he surely is. For though not a single step will he ever take the world is so much safer, by the effort he does make.


  • Features some of the most stunning visual effects and unique game play you've ever seen
  • Use Wik's frog-like tongue to get around by latching his tongue to things & swinging his body around
  • Master Wik's spitting abilities to fight off the bugs that will attack him
  • Go straight into the puzzles in Challenge Mode or unravel the legends behind this fantasy quest in Story Mode

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