Watch Dogs is a triple A title released exclusively for the PS3 in 2014. The game follows the protagonist, Aiden Pearce, as he takes vengeance against those who murdered his niece.

Watch Dogs takes place in Chicago, where Aiden becomes a vigilante by exploiting systems with his hacking expertise. The world in which the game makes its setting is a reflection of the modern, tech immersed society where everyone has a smartphone.

Game Play

Watch Dogs is an open world game set in Chicago. Developer Ubisoft has created a living, more believable world by seeding it with plenty of denizens who go about their daily lives. Unlike some titles where the majority of non-playable characters are faceless, nameless, and have no background, every characters has some backstory, no matter how small, and Aiden can find out about them by hacking their phones.

Through hacking, Aiden can get information, but he can also steal cash, manipulate gates, jammers and other devices.

As an open world game, the game consists of many side quests, and collectibles that take you from one end of Chicago to the other. Aiden can drive vehicles to go from place to place, as he completes quests like taking down specific targets, investigating murders, breaking up gangs, and breaching security of various buildings.

Players will guide Aiden through stealthy or violent conflicts, with a plethora of guns and explosives.

Hardware Info

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