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Developed by G.rev Ltd., WarTech Senko no Ronde is a new take on a famous arcade game from 2004. It thrusts the player into a distant future where humanity has colonized countless new galaxies and Earth has become a planet mined for its natural resources. A violent war has erupted as nations struggle for world domination. Rounder Mechs fill the skies as the fate of the world is determined through aerial combat.


  • Fast Paced Arcade Fighting: Combine an almost limitless arsenal of special moves, power ups, and attack drones to unleash the most lethal combos.

  • Xbox LIVE Multiplayer: Challenge friends in head-to-head two-player or battle against the world's best players online and test your skills to improve your Xbox LIVE ranking.

  • An impressive choice of Rounder Mech Suits: Each of the eight Rounder Mechs feature two distinct variations, as well as an unlockable in-game B.O.S.S. mode, for 24 variations in all.

  • Epic Boss Battles: Go blow-for-blow against the other Rounder Mechs, but be prepared, because at any moment you could find yourself battling an even deadlier enemy.

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  • Genre: Mech/Robot Action
  • Developer: G.Rev Ltd.
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Released
    North AmericaMay 22, 2007
    EuropeJun 8, 2007
    JapanJul 27, 2006
    AustraliaJun 8, 2007
  • Also known as:
  • Senko No Ronde Rev.X in Japan
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