The world changed when Aziraal, the god of war, was slain in the huge battle long ago. The hordes of Orcs lost their divine leader and were forced to withdraw to the southern wastelands. Now, thousands of years later, the location of Aziraal's tomb is still unknown, well hidden by other gods who did not dare to entrust the secret to mere mortals. However, now, a fragile peace between the civilized races and the hordes is at stake. When the dwarven mining expedition discovered an ancient temple dedicated to an unnamed deity, a silent war begun, and it will soon ignite the fires that will lead to the holy crusade of the Orcs. However, the real danger lies somewhere else. A powerful force churns silently - weaving a secret plot of fear and destruction. In the end one of the Two Worlds will remain.


Two Worlds combines the extremely dynamic and sophisticated combat system with the meaning and freedom of exploration exceeding the accomplishments of other games of the genre. A top quality Role Playing experience - the ultimate goal of the Two Worlds project is to deliver a superior Role Playing Game where players have a real chance to shape the game world with their actions - to an extent that has yet to seen in other productions. This premise will be supported with a strong, non-linear storyline, mind blowing graphics, and stunning combat sequences.

• Exciting, spectacular and challenging combat - The combat system is easy to handle and the number of possible choices encourage experimenting with different styles and skills. Great visuals and dynamic choreography ensures the most exciting experience.

• Strong sense of purpose and meaning - Two Worlds supports meaningful play. The dynamics of the game world allows for dramatic changes such as: taking over cities by various factions, overthrowing kings, eradicating entire organizations and much more.

Unconstrained freedom to experiment - the game promotes the ability to freely roam and explore the game world. Players will find their own way to beat challenges, solve problems and complete quests and will also be rewarded by different factions accordingly for the results of their actions.


• Offering a freedom of choice unseen in other Role Playing Games. The world literally comes to life as it immediately reacts to the player's actions and changes accordingly -offering new and exciting challenges.

• Strong, non-linear storyline. Players can shape their own story by choosing the path of conducting the main conflict and resolving meaningful side-quests.

• Spectacular and dynamically choreographed fights. The combat system combines intuitive steering, tactical challenges and movie-like visual experiences.

• Free and unlimited character development. Players can experiment with different careers and even reverse their former choices with the help of "career changers".

• Unique magic system. The Players are allowed to assemble their own magic spells.

• Animals to be ridden on. Players can travel and fight on various animals from horses to tamed lizards and beasts.

• A choice of traps and snares are at the Player's disposal making the gameplay both rich and flexible.

• Huge variety of items to be found. Randomly generated pieces of equipment, thematic sets and combined items offer the space to experiment and satisfy the need to collect.

• Wide range of beautifully rendered terrains: from high mountains to seashores and deep caves with all of the locations featuring ultra sharp texturing and stunning design.

• Hyper-realistic tree physics and sophisticated weather system make the world come to life as has never been seen before.

• Advanced Artificial Intelligence that manages group behaviour of large virtual communities.

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Two Worlds was a game that had alot going for it. Before it was released, Southpeak...

Oct 13, 11 1:51pm
Coooool, something new like tes and gothic?! And very good, i really like the horses and the horse system after i new how to get em back ;D TwoWorlds PC
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2/5 TwoWorlds PC
Feb 14, 09 9:50am
Not much to say,just started. TwoWorlds PC
Terranigma Fan
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Everyone hated it but I played it more than Oblivion TwoWorlds PC
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omfg I hate this game. I actually played through it to the end, too. TwoWorlds PC
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Brill TwoWorlds PC
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Solid RPG TwoWorlds PC
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Two Worlds is a game with bags of potential yet it fails to deliver. This is South...

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Amazing RPG! TwoWorlds PC
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