The player will take on the role of Joseph Turok, a former black ops commando, now part of an elite special forces squad, known as Whiskey Company, which is on a mission to take down Roland Kane and his army, the Mendel-Gruman Corporation. As Whiskey Company’s ship approaches the planet inhabited by Mendel-Gruman, the ship is shot down. Turok is stranded on the planet and must locate other crash survivors while confronting Mendel-Gruman soldiers and a variety of dinosaurs and other ravenous creatures.


  • Dangerous creatures: Encounter genetically altered dinosaurs, huge insects and other deadly creatures.

  • Strategic combat: Obliterate enemies with excessive firepower or utilize "quiet kill" techniques with specific weapons (the bow and knife).

  • Cinematic experience: A deep plot is conveyed through cut scenes and flashbacks.

  • Dark, gritty sci-fi world: Realistic graphics and intense dynamic sound bring the planet to life.

  • Dino Luring: Lure dinosaurs to attack human enemies or battle each other.

  • Dino Mauling: Dinosaurs pounce on Turok and he must struggle to pull himself from their jaws to avoid being eaten.

  • Realistic A.I.: Enemy soldiers respond dynamically to the player's movements and dinosaurs react in unpredictable predatory behaviors.

  • Multiplayer: Engage in online multiplayer modes for up to 16 players with terrifying creatures added to the mix.

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the kind of game you can play over and over again grusome dino killing awsomeness Turok PC
A very fantastic game, it actually feels like you're being stalked by dinosaurs in gameplay! Turok PC
This game is allot more frustrating than it is fun. overall it's very mediocre. Turok PS3
Haven't played it yet, looks okay Turok PS3
Really dissapointing. Turok PS3
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