Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 4.3/10

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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Reviews

website score publish date
GameDaily 3/10 Mar 24 '08
Strategy Informer 3.8/10 Apr 11 '08
Game Chronicles Magazine 5.8/10 Mar 17 '08
GameSpot 4.5/10 Mar 12 '08
Gamespy 1.5/5 Mar 10 '08
IGN 360 5.0/10 Feb 28 '08
Team Xbox 5.3/10 Mar 06 '08
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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Previews

website publish date
IGN 360 Jul 16 '07
Team Xbox Jun 15 '07
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GameSpot on Mar 13 '08

"This alternate-history shooter is proof that an interesting premise can't compensate for boring and broken gameplay."

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IGN 360 on Jul 18 '07

"Really, it's tough to say how far Turning Point will deviate from your traditional WWII shooter in terms of basic gameplay at the moment. However, for sheer visceral thrills, Spark Unlimited seems..."

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IGN 360 on Feb 29 '08

"Turning Point: Fall of liberty is a shining example of a great idea poorly executed. There is fun to be had with the game, but it's not the grand adventure it claims to be. Shooting Nazis in the..."

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Strategy Informer on May 30 '08

"Despite the odd pleasing moment, Turning Point is never in danger of being a good game. Any positive aspects are overshadowed by the sluggish game engine, the last-gen visuals and cheap design..."

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