Toy Soldiers is Signal Studios' World War I strategy title on XBLA. The gameplay revolves around tower-defense strategy, supporting 1-2 players online or splitscreen. Overwhelm your opponent and take down the enemy toy box to win.

Game Play


  • Toy battles: Experience epic action-packed battles with more than 50 unique units across two distinct armies, across five unique maps with their own special characteristics and multiplayer options.
  • Easy-to-pick-up controls: Soldiers can fight on their own, or be controlled from a third-person mode.
  • An arsenal of weapons: Fly planes, zeppelins, and even drive tanks to help your unit succeed in protecting its base.
  • Multiplayer: Split screen allows you to easily fight in head-to-head battles with friends over Xbox LIVE, or on the same console.
  • Miniaturized mayhem: Unique game visuals and post-effects capture the imagination and provide real world historical events in a playful toy-like miniature world.

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