Too Human Own / Want List

Username Comments
Livewire_19 This game is not very good, the voice acting in it is bad, and the story is lame.
Shurtugal9 None
Sum Vergere None
Super Saiyan Goku None
Mystic None
johnny3000 None
Gold Streak None
JacksonDavis None
FinalFantasyFanaticc None
bk imperialdramon pm None
Celes Leonhart None
Shteeevin None
BamDan None
BerryLee This game is cool. but im still trying to beat it.(die to easy)
silenceanddarkness None
jacob0057 None
Wgamefreak None
tenkaichi2 None
pwner None
Salty 3.5/5 - It's basically diablo, I liked it, but most people hated it. very repetetive and obviously rushed
MuD3x None
daniels21 None
chaotic None
djt0nez None
vBLADEv None
T_Lex None
Millzee None
Asthenia 1/5
thejeffattack None
betabsa None
Azra Lestat None
xX ViiRuZ None
LokiToki None
muttler None
corrosive3 None
HaseoPKKiller None
Renegade Spartan 911 None
ELLocoJok3r None
Soulcrush None
Neoz4x None
BGUD23 None
Psycho Wordz MkII None
HomophobicHobbit None
resonance98 None
achievementhunt None
Axe None
Tupac Shakur None
Aevers None
FatalDeathSG45 None