Titanfall is the debut While the gunplay of Titanfall may carry over many similarities to Call of Duty, the introduction of wall-running and the giant Titans that give the game its name have changed the genre forever.

In the far future, humanity has taken to the stars in search of more resources, resulting in the expansion of mankind. With the help of giant mechanized suits called "Titans," space was effectively conquered and settled, forming the Frontier. However, as the Frontier flourished, the militaristic Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation took note and launched a campaign to retake control of the colonies from Earth, thus leading to the Titan Wars.

Titanfall is a multiplayer-focused online shooter, where progression is gained by match participation. Over time, players will level up by unlocking new weapons and Titans, customizations for these weapons and Titans, as well as Burn Cards with unique passive effects. These Titans can then be summoned and piloted by players throughout a match, providing heavy fire power and thick armor at the expense of stealth and mobility. Mixed with wall-running, which single-handedly bring verticality to the modern FPS, and players are delivered one of the most fast-paced, intense shooters in years.

For now, Titanfall is a Microsoft platform exclusive product. However, Respawn and publisher Electronic Arts have already talked about bringing the Titanfall sequel to different platforms. Trust me when I say that gamers will be waiting for that day.

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