When young engineer Andronicos Kalogerou is called for repairs in what seems to be an ordinary apartment building in present day athens, he has no reason to expect that today is the turning point of his life. Hidden in the bowels of the building lies a strange and peculiar machine, the brain child of a recently deceased adventurer who lived there for more than a decade. lintrigued by this contraption, Andronicos sets out to find more about it and is drawn to the other side of the veil, where the dividing line between myth and reality becomes a mysterious blur.

From the hidden network of caves beneath the Greek metropolis, crawling with the remnants of a bygone age and the treasures of the past, to long lost places of legend all over Greece, Andronicus struggles to uncover the pieces of a 2,000 year old conspiracy, kept secret through stealth and murder. But what he may find could well be just the tip of the iceberg. The truth being a lot wilder than fiction! For beneath the cover of shadows and time, a great power lay dormant, waiting for the time when it will once again rise up to the light of day, back amongst the people where it belongs.


Awe and dread, humor and split-second decisions, discovery and betrayal, the mythical and the mundane, are all intertwined in this fast paced crossing to the other side, where your only hope is the discarded runor of ancient folklore, dubious medieval books and above all your wits!


  • A griping story that emerges and places you in an Athens full of marvel, danger and back-stage scheming just beneath the surface of everyday life.
  • Multiple endings according to the decisions made in the game.
  • A wide variety of puzzles based on both Greek Mythology and mind-boggling conundrums that captivate the player.
  • Colorful characters and localities, ranging from neo-classical buildings to the grim depths of Hades.
  • Being created first for PC platform and possibly for next gen consoles.
  • Innovative customized new power graphic engine created to take the player to realistic heights.
  • Dynamic original music score written which enchants with the emotional atmosphere it creates.

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