Since the US first joined this war in 1941, military doctrine has called for large, powerful forces to wield against the enemy. Backed by the incredible production capacity of US factories these massive armies use brute force and sheer numbers to defeat our enemies.

If they are the 'broadsword', The Outfit is the 'scalpel'. Able to go into areas the army can't, they are tasked with the daring, almost suicidal missions critical to our continued success against the Nazis. Specialists in improvised explosives, experts in both Allied and Axis warfare, these volunteers are the best of the best.

The first secret, elite force in US military history.


The Outfit delivers explosive third person World War II combat to Xbox 360 through an epic story-driven campaign, complete with the freedom of total destruction. Accumulate Field Units (FUs) and utilize them to call in Destruction on Demand, choosing between an extensive array of troops, weapons, vehicles, and explosive strikes.

Experience fully destructible environments, large-scale explosive action, and extensive multiplayer online modes where you can play as the Allies or the Nazis. Choose from three playable squad leaders in single player and six in multiplayer, with each possessing their own unique strengths, personalities, and abilities.

Lead a squad of battle-forged soldiers on missions ranging from reconnaissance and rescue to search and destroy. You have the freedom to shoot, blow up, or demolish anything in your path. Complete mission objectives and order "Destruction on Demand," air-dropped into the action at any time—everything from tanks, jeeps, half-tracks, and other combat vehicles to machinegun nests and anti-tank emplacements, or call in for squad reinforcements, air strikes, or artillery strikes.


  • Explosive WWII Combat
    Experience the cinematic intensity of WWII combat through war-torn environments as you lead a squad of battle-forged soldiers behind enemy lines. Utilize an explosive arsenal of weapons including machine guns, bazookas, MG 42s, tanks, or half-track armoured vehicles—or move in for the kill with close-combat hand-to-hand battles.
  • Freedom of Total Destruction
    Featuring interactive and fully destructible environments, The Outfit gives you the freedom to shoot, blow up or demolish anything in the world. Destroy fences, walls, bridges, and buildings—virtually everything can be levelled in your battle against the Nazi forces.
  • Choose Between Three Playable Squad Leaders
    Each has specific skills and abilities (like hand-to-hand combat expert, heavy arms specialist, or anti-tank specialist) as you lead a squad of battle-forged soldiers on a variety of combat missions. With automated squad A.I , your squad acts like a highly trained infantry unit that responds to your actions as well as dynamic battlefield situations—laying down suppressing or covering fire, taking cover, or rushing enemy positions.
  • Destruction on Demand
    As you progress through the game and complete mission objectives you earn action points that can be used on the fly to call in "Destruction on Demand" (D.O.D.) air-dropped into the action at any time. Everything is available from tanks, jeeps, half-tracks and other combat vehicles to machine gun nests and anti-tank emplacements. Alternatively, call for squad reinforcements, air strikes, or artillery bombardment on enemy targets.
  • Multiplayer Modes
    Via Xbox Live or split-screen, choose from a variety of cooperative and team-based Versus multiplayer modes.In Versus, up to eight players can battle it out simultaneously online or two players can go head-to-head on one machine using split screen mode. In Co-Op, two players can tackle the campaign mode as teammates, either online or split-screen. To keep the game fresh, download new content from Xbox Live Marketplace such as new maps, character skins, customized vehicle graphics, and a host of other content.

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