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Based on the films known as the Bourne Identity - Bourne Ultimatum, assume the role of the rouge government agent Jason Bourne. You must keep running from those who hunt you, whether it be the U.S Goverment or Terrorists. Using Bourne's heightening senses from past training you must not allow yourself to be captured from your enemies.


  • Become Jason Bourne, a 30 million dollar weapon on the loose, in action-packed original missions and sequences inspired by The Bourne Identity
  • Go deeper into the Bourne mythos than ever before, experiencing Bourne as both ruthless agent and wanted assassin on the run from his own agency
  • Move from firefights to fistfights in sequences that seamlessly blend shooting with hand-to-hand combat
  • Employ signature Bourne techniques to weaponize, improvise, always survive -- pull off heart-pounding escapes, memorable fight moves, acrobatic gun play, and devastating takedowns

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May 30, 09 1:09pm
A good action game with a HEAVY fighting engine. RobertLudlumsTheBourneConspiracy PS3
Mar 17, 09 6:54pm
the commercial of this game was better, the movement can be quite hindering sometimes. RobertLudlumsTheBourneConspiracy PS3
Feb 12, 09 3:41pm
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Nov 16, 08 7:11am
Excellent Game RobertLudlumsTheBourneConspiracy PS3
Sum Vergere
Aug 29, 08 1:04pm
not completed RobertLudlumsTheBourneConspiracy PS3
Aug 13, 08 4:53am
easy, quick, good. RobertLudlumsTheBourneConspiracy PS3
Jun 05, 08 5:08pm

When the game starts out, your floating in the ocean. Just like in the movie, you...

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