Tales of Vesperia is the first and only entry in Namco Bandai's long-running JRPG series for the Xbox 360, and takes advantage of Microsoft's console with Achievement support and HD graphics that retain the distinct anime look and feel.

Players will journey across the world of Terca Lumireis in a journey that revolves around an ancient technology called blastia which remains the cause of conflict in present day. General flow of gameplay includes exploring a world map with a day-and-night cycle, and engaging enemies in real-time combat where players can control any member of the party and move around the battlefield while attacking with combos and special skills and magic called Artes.

An enhanced port of Tales of Vesperia was released for the PS3 exclusively in Japan during 2009.

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I might as well have bent this game over and made it my bitch, but I don't really care to play this game over again for like three... TalesOfVesperia X360
Rita Mordio beat them all... too bad there's no Flynn TalesOfVesperia X360
Jaeger has a funny accent. lmao. TalesOfVesperia X360
11 hours later and Yuri finally accomplishes what he originally set out to do! TalesOfVesperia X360
10 hours in and it's all slowly starting to come together (I think) TalesOfVesperia X360
A giant monster in the area you say? Well... I think I can guess what I'm gonna be doing next. =P TalesOfVesperia X360

...not that Namco cares about us, though.

First of all, I'll just say that the anime sequences are amazing and I'm just hoping that they stay fairly frequent!

Combat seems much more extensive that previous Tales games (baring in mind that, being European, the last console Tales game I played was Tales of Symphonia) especially with weapon skills being added by which weapons can teach you certain skills/attributes that can be customised and combined to give you the edge in a battle.

Battles (with Yuri) also require a lot timing since Yuri's combo's act out in quick succession, but with a pause afterwards. I'm getting better at it, but I feel mastering my timing will take some time and skill.

So far, even some of the random battles have been keeping me on my toe's, but I've since turned the difficulty down after a baaaaaaaaad encounter with an Eggbear... =P

I'll spoiler tag this bit for those who haven't yet played the game;

I'd say my only complaint with the game in general so far is that some of the text is totally illegible on an SD TV which can be a problem in the few scenes that aren't voiced or when exploring new cities/areas.

I'm looking forward to seeing where the game will take me next! And if anyone wants to know about an aspect of the game that I haven't covered, comment and I'll write a chunk on it too!

xbox 360 tales of vesperia

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First anime cutscene =D Had to turn down the difficulty though - Egg Bear nearly whooped my ass! TalesOfVesperia X360
Managed to play a good 2 or so hours and has been excellent so far! Combat is different from other Tales games. Initial Impressions to come! TalesOfVesperia X360
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