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Dark Arcanine
Mar 24, 11 8:36pm
Finished! The hardest level is actually 2/3 of the way through, not the final level! Decent hint to a third title in the series at the end. SupremeCommander2 PC
Dark Arcanine
Mar 19, 11 5:59pm
Going to test out online multiplayer soon. The voice acting is so bad... one girl has a hilariously designed chest though. SupremeCommander2 PC
Dark Arcanine
Mar 18, 11 9:36pm
AI paths are sadly fixed and highly predictable - still has difficulty to it, though. Decent race differences. SupremeCommander2 PC
Dark Arcanine
Feb 21, 11 12:08am
Original impressions are fairly positive: looks okay (not as good as I thought it would though); interesting technology trees. SupremeCommander2 PC

If you've been wondering how anyone can squeeze an RTS onto the 360 and have an aversion to Halo, try the Supreme... posted Apr 07, 10 6:30pm

Feb 22, 10 8:48pm
added a cheat

[image2 link=yes width=345 height=254] A sequel to one of the arguably better RTS games of the last 5 years,... posted Nov 19, 09 10:02pm

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