Spider-Man: Edge of Time Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 5.8/10

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Spider-Man: Edge of Time Reviews

website score publish date
GamePro 3/5 Oct 04 '11
IGN 360 4.5/10 Oct 06 '11
Games Radar 6/10 Oct 05 '11
Gamespot 6/10 Oct 07 '11
GameZone 6.5/10 Oct 08 '11
Team Xbox 5.9/10 Oct 18 '11
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Spider-Man: Edge of Time Previews

website publish date
Destructoid Apr 04 '11
Games Radar Apr 05 '11
Gamespot Jun 07 '11
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Destructoid on Apr 16 '11

"The next Spider-Man adventure will see Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 working together through time in order to fix a timestream gone awry. When Spider-Man 2099 is fighting an evil&..."

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Games Radar on Apr 16 '11

" When we last saw Spider-Man, he and three alternate spider-men had succesfully un-shattered their respective dimensions and saved the world yet again. Apparently everything in the Noir and..."

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Games Radar on Oct 09 '11

" For years there have been good to great Spider-Man games that were based on sources diverse as movies, TV shows, and alternate universe comics. Still, over the last few years it seems like Spidey..."

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Gamespot on Oct 09 '11

"Spider-Man: Edge of Time tells an enjoyably absurd time-hopping tale, but stepping into the tights of its two heroes doesn't feel as empowering as it should."

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GameZone on Oct 15 '11

"Is this game worthy of your time, or just a few strands of webbing short of a masterpiece?"

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