A new 2D fighter being developed for the PS3 and Xbox 360 that brings an amazing art style, tight gameplay, and a rich and deep backstory to the genre.

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  • Skullgirls features the most frames of animation per character of any fighting game, hand-drawn at high resolution and enhanced by real-time lighting courtesy of a powerful 3D engine
  • Classic six-button play gives characters a huge variety of attacks and special moves
  • With the Variable Tag Battle system, players can pit mismatched teams of one, two or three characters against one another
  • Custom Assists let you outfit your team with a huge variety of attacks for nearly endless strategic possibilities
  • A robust anti-infinite combo system keeps competitive play free of abusive tactics
  • Robust tutorials and an AI designed to teach eases new players into the traditionally intimidating fighting game genre and helps you improve from there
  • Official GGPO netcode ensures lag-free fighting online
  • A stunning soundtrack by Castlevania: Symphony of the Night composer Michiru Yamane draws you into the game’s unique “Dark Deco” world

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