Shank is a 2D cinematic brawler inspired by classic beat 'em ups and graphic novels. Embark on a tale of revenge using chainsaws, dual pistols, knives and more. Play in the storymode or cooperatively with a friend in the backstory!

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Shank immerses gamers in a side-scrolling, highly cinematic revenge story. With the ability to string together endless combos of mayhem and destruction and an array of blood-spilling weapons at your disposal, Shank seeks to reboot the 2D brawler and take it to a level of production never before seen.

Utilizing a unique 2D art style featuring diverse settings, unique visual effects, and the most fluid animation seen to date, Shank stands apart from its brawler counterparts and stands out in a crowd.


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Shank is one of those games people think I'll love, which doesn't surprise me – on the...

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Klei's gangland scroller Shank is available for download as of today, August 24 -- from PSN, anyway.  XBLA won't... posted Aug 24, 10 7:28am

Shank is a stylish game and deserves an equally stylish soundtrack.  Klei's still working on that, but they have... posted Aug 18, 10 11:23pm

How violent can a 2D game get?  Very, as you may have guessed.  Shank is pushing the line a bit, as the latest... posted Aug 12, 10 3:51am

In a few weeks, on August 24, Klei's 2D brawler Shank will be debuting on Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network. ... posted Aug 10, 10 12:37am

[image1 link=yes height=180 float=right]Klei Entertainment has seen the demand for the tunes behind their... posted Aug 05, 10 6:44pm

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Starting out recently as a virtually unknown independent developer, Klei entertainment have since partnered with... posted May 13, 10 4:37pm

[image1 link=yes show=full] Electronic Arts is investing in two independent developers starting today: Klei... posted Mar 04, 10 9:10pm

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