The year is 2031, and two forces are fighting over the ancient magic that has awakened in Santos, but one is trying to take control of this new power, while the other is trying to protect it. You are a Shadowrunner, working for the RNA Global, or the Lineage, if you are a RNA member, you are trying to stop the Lineage from capturing the Ancient Magic Artifact, and if your a Lineage, your trying to capture the Artifact. The player is able to choose between four races: Human, Elf, Troll, and Dwarf; each race with unique abilities. Shadowrun combines modern weaponry with magical spells, such as Ressurect. Shadowrun is mainly focused on online play, for there is no single player campaign. There are three modes for Shadowrun, Attrition, where players work as a team to eliminate the opposing team, Raid, where RNA trys to secure the Artifact while Lineage trys to steal it, and Extraction, where both teams try to steal the Artifact. Shadowrun is all teamwork, for if you die, the only way of coming back to life is if an ally Ressurects you.


  • Rich legacy brought to life: After a 5,000-year absence, magic has returned to the world of 2021, and global corporations battle a relentless ancient order to harness this reawakened power. Be a part of the RNA, a global megacorporation, and bring order (and profit) to a world of chaos. Or join the Lineage to keep magic wild and free at all costs. Choose a side and wage war for the future of magic in the new world of Shadowrun.
  • Changing Magic and Tech: Dive into a universe where ancient magic co-exists with deadly weaponry and experience a revolution in FPS gaming. Upgrade your character by purchasing advanced technology and magic for each round in an extraordinary arms race to improve your abilities and open new tactics for your team. Magic and Tech offers capabilities like Enhanced Vision (use your cybernetic eye to spot your enemy through walls), Teleport (teleport through obstacles and behind your opponents in the blink of an eye), and Resurrect (bring fallen comrades back into battle and link their life-essence to yours).
  • Intense cross-platform multiplayer action: For the first time, Xbox 360 and Windows Vista gamers can compete as a team or as foes. Shadowrun tears down the walls between friends and gamer communities on the console and PC by allowing up to 16 gamers to play together, regardless of platform. Not only does Shadowrun bring these communities together, it allows gamers to answer the eternal question, "Which is the more efficient FPS control scheme—controller, or mouse and keyboard?" Shadowrun also brings together the features you love on Xbox LIVE, such as gamertags, achievement points, friends lists, and integrated voice, onto the PC through Games for Windows — LIVE.
  • Unique strengths and weaknesses: Humans are joined by elves, dwarves, and trolls in a battle for supremacy among soaring corporate towers, warren-filled slums, and an ancient ziggurat of power. Strike a balance on your team with races possessing unique abilities that complement your weapons and tactics. Battle in 3-D spaces that allow cunning uses of spells and techs such as Glide, Teleport, Gust, and Enhanced Vision.
  • Ultimate online (and offline) battlefield: Fight against or alongside A.I. teammates or join up with friends against all comers via System Link and Xbox LIVE. Fill out your team with intelligent A.I. characters that respond to your tactical commands and provide an unparalleled team experience. Train offline with the robust A.I., or play through a host of training sessions as you master the magic and technology of Shadowrun.

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this game was awesome! 1 of the 1st RPGs i played. Shadowrun SNES
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This game sucked... Shadowrun SNES
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