Lukas' Sega Superstars Tennis Review

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Insanity Prevails Jul 19, 09
...or they would've done a Super Smash Brothers sort of game instead
Honestly, it would have made more sense for them to have done Super Sonic Bros Brawl. Beating the crap out of mascots has got to be a bigger crowd puller than tennis.

Excellent review Kiker. Sounds like a really lame cash-in attempt.
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Dark Arcanine Jul 25, 09
Your description of the shoddy AI system reminds me of the bots in Counter Strike: Source, hilarious when they're set to Easy and play like they're on Hard.

Sounds like the sort of game an unenlightened parent(s) or grandparent(s) would buy the younger generations.

Perhaps they could re-release, with that girl in orange more to the front, shorter skirt and larger breasts. Then they could increase their sales... Sorry, but I love when bad games get bought for such reasons. xD

Good review.