Sea Life Safari Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 5.4/10

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Sea Life Safari Reviews

website score publish date
EuroGamer 6/10 Jun 24 '08
Game Focus 7.7/10 Jun 27 '08
Game Freaks 365 3/10 Aug 15 '09
Game Watcher 5.8/10 Jul 04 '08
Gamespot 3.5/10 Jun 18 '08
Gameworld Network 55% Jun 25 '08
Gaming Target 4.5/10 Jul 02 '08
IGN 360 4.5/10 Jun 16 '08
Official Xbox Magazine 7/10 Jun 18 '08
Team Xbox 8.1/10 Jun 13 '08
Thunderbolt 3/10 Aug 07 '08
Totally Gaming Network 5/10 Jun 14 '09
Wired News 5/10 Jul 01 '08
Worthplaying 7.4/10 Jul 21 '08
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EuroGamer on Jul 12 '10

"You know how there are certain things that you enjoy, even though you have no idea why? Kind of like how white beer tastes like liquid hedge, but is sort of quite nice because of its strangeness?..."

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Game Focus on Jul 11 '10

"If you played Pokemon Snap on the N64, then you already know the gameplay of Sea Life Safari. For the uninitiated, you are helping a professor with his research on marine life."

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Game Freaks 365 on Aug 15 '09

"There seems to be lots of minor things that could have been added to the game that would have made it more appealing. As it stands however, if you are expecting a true underwater diving experience..."

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Gamespot on Jul 11 '10

"Sea Life Safari's on-rails adventuring is about as exciting as scuba diving in your own bathtub."

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IGN 360 on Jul 11 '10

"According to the The Little Mermaid, "life is the bubbles" under the sea. If only WildTangent's Sea Life Safari was the bubbles. Instead, this would-be Pokemon Snap is a half-realized underwater..."

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