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SCORE International Baja 1000 is off-road racing game that will features over 90 vehicles across multiple classes in the real Baja 1000, including trophy trucks, class I, motorcycles, ATVs and more. the game challenges players to not only be first across the finish line, but also keep their machine intact! Hyper-realistic dirt and damage modeling in the game means players need to be crazy enough to take chances, but not so reckless that their vehicle is destroyed before the race is over.


  • Baja desert racing: Inspired by real Baja Peninsula locations, each race is a stage allowing you to progress further down the Baja Peninsula.
  • Vehicles, damage, and wear: There are 90 vehicles in six official SCORE vehicle classes, including Trophy Trucks, ATVs, and dirt bikes. All vehicles are susceptible to wear and may lose parts during a race or get dirty and scratched.
  • Realistic physic-infused surfaces: Race across dirt, sand, mud, asphalt and more, all of which react realistically to tires and affect the handling of your race car.
  • Three game modes: Compete in five event types in career modes, including time trial and head-to-head qualifiers, single/multi-class circuits and endurance regional races. Exhibition is a quick match in which you choose your favorite vehicle, track, and event. Eight players can connect online and choose to participate in either ranked or unranked events.
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