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Scarface: The World is Yours has a similar enviroment to the time period of the movie. Travel through the streets of Miami, the irie islands of the Florida Keys, and many more locations. You can negotiate business deals and smuggle contraband and avoid rivals all in Scarface: The World is Yours.


  • Challenge your enemies: Beat down, blow away, or run over your enemies with Tony’s signature style and flair. Bury those cock-a-roaches in Blind Rage Mode. Insult, intimidate, and impress the way only Tony can.
  • Build your empire: Become the kingpin of a thriving underworld economy and experience the lavish lifestyle of a crime boss. Hire henchmen to do your dirty work.
  • Explore the environments: The open world of Miami and the Islands is yours, with no load times and no limits.

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a little better than the ps2 version its a great game ScarfaceTheWorldIsYours PC
My Favourite film, gritty, brutal and incredibly written 10/10 Scarface
Game beginning > Movie ending. Scarface
awsome game, not recomeneded for little ones though Scarface
GTA but not as long and boring, a kick a** game! Scarface
Collector's edition Scarface
best gang game since the godfather Scarface
Say Hello To One Of The Best PS2 Titles! Scarface
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