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The Samurai Warriors are back with a vengeance! This latest installment features six legendary samurai each with their own storyline and powerful new weapons. With the introduction of Mercenary mode, the redesigned battlefields of Okehazama and Shikoku, and new charge attacks.


  • Includes six new Samurai Warriors - each with a new weapon and an original storyline.
  • Conquer 36 scenarios across 24 maps, including the new battlefields of “Okehazama” and “Shikoku”.
  • New Mercenary mode lets you live the life of a mercenary soldier. Hire other Samurai Warriors to assist you on your missions. Defeat your enemies, collect precious weapons, and become the greatest warrior in Japan!.
  • 2-player Co-op in Story and Free modes.
  • Two new difficulty levels, six in all; for beginners and veterans alike.
  • View unlocked weapons and movies in Collection mode.

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The abilities of each player is pretty cool!^^ Nene's are for dopplegangers, and for Hanzo, it's for shadow clones... SamuraiWarriors2XtremeLegends PS2
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