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IGN 360 Mar 25 '09
1UP Sep 26 '09
EuroGamer Aug 06 '09
IGN 360 Mar 11 '10
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"What's the game about? Winning the information war has been a fundamental key to victory since the dawn of modern combat, but it's never been featured in a real-time strategy game to the extent that it is in R.U.S.E. Actual combat takes a back seat in Ubisoft's latest RTS, where the real battle is over information. Played correctly, enemy tanks and bombers become useless in the face of well-placed ambushes and other tactics, but the tide will definitely turn if the enemy gets the upperhand in the battle of information. To that end, Ubisoft has implemented "ruses," which can be used much like Command & Conquer's superweapons. Ruses become available every few minutes, after which weapons like camo nets can be used to keep enemy players in the dark while spy planes root out the enemy headquarters. Once the enemy base is finally uncovered, it's time to send in the B-17s."