Gryzor's Resident Evil 5 Review

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EricF Jan 23, 12
I don't think there's a person in the world who enjoyed this game - and rightly so! For me, the day of Resident Evil 5's release was the day survival horror games died.

Very good review overall. You've dealt with almost everything I hated about the game, that's for sure. The only thing I hated that wasn't mentioned was the repetitive enemies. "Let's fight someone who looks like Stalin, then Didier Drogba, then Nicklas Bendtner!"

But even with that said, this review is a lot better and more concise than the one I wrote a few years back. Keep it up!
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Gryzor Jan 25, 12
The enemies and bosses didn't really have enough time to set inside my mind - I was too busy trying to wrestle the controller and not accidently shoot Sheva.

And although I think Resident Evil 4 put a significant dent into survival horror, yeah, 5 just killed it. Shit game, no fans haha

Although I hear Amy's trying to revive it. I haven't tried it out yet though.
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EricF Jan 25, 12
I considered getting Amy myself. Judging by gameplay videos, it looks pretty impressive!