Rayman Origins Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 9.0/10

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Rayman Origins Reviews

website score publish date article quality
IGN PS3 9.5/10 Nov 09 '11
Computer and Video Games /10 Nov 11 '11
Computer and Video Games /10 Nov 11 '11
Games Radar 9/10 Nov 14 '11
GameSpot 8.5/10 Nov 15 '11
GameZone 9.0/10 Nov 14 '11
Strategy Informer 9.0/10 Dec 31 '69
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Rayman Origins Previews

website publish date article rating
GamePro Oct 19 '11
Computer and Video Games Oct 02 '11
Computer and Video Games Oct 02 '11
Games Radar Oct 17 '11
Games Radar Aug 17 '11
GameSpot Aug 17 '11
Gamespy Jun 07 '11
GameZone Jun 22 '11
Gaming Excellence Sep 10 '11
Official Xbox Magazine Aug 17 '11
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Editorial Articles
website publish date notes article rating
GameSpot Sep 26 '11  
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Quoted from Rayman Origins Reviews:
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"Sadly, for all my talk about the resurgence of platformers, I don't think Rayman: Origins is going to do very well. It's kind of an oddity--a lush, big budget gem of a platformer that feels straight out of the 16-bit era. It's kind of crazy that Ubisoft is even willing to publish this thing, but I'm glad they're taking a chance. For once, it seems that quality and creativity has won out."
" Normally, when a bunch of jaded games journalists get together to preview an upcoming game, most of the noise in the room comes from the game itself. Within minutes of being let loose on the Gamescom demo of Rayman Origins, however, we heard something we hadn’t heard in years, at least not in a professional context: a lot of laughter and shouting, all of it coming from the supposedly world-weary writers at the controls. Clearly, this merited further investigation... ..."
" Whether or not Rayman Origins actually stands a chance in hell when it arrives in stores next month remains to be seen, but judging by what we’ve played so far, it certainly deserves to. It’s vibrant, fast and beautifully animated like few other games out there, 2D or otherwise. It’s also surprisingly fun, with inventive, cleverly designed levels that range from quick, easy romps to crushingly difficult speed runs. Most importantly, though, it has an “OK, just one more level” appeal that sucked us in and kept us playing for hours longer than we intended. That may be too generous for a preview. We’ve only been able to play through about the first half of the game, after all, so it’s entirely possible that Origins turns to crap right after that. Possible, but unlikely... "
"The visuals alone are enough to lull even the most seasoned gamer into a false sense of security. Vibrant colors abound, preposterous characters gambol and cavort with giddy abandon, and vivacious animation breathes life into the already-fecund levels. But don’t be fooled by Rayman Origins. This intensely beautiful 2D platformer can easily crack open and scramble even the most hardened of hardcore gamers. And that’s a very good thing... "
"Rayman Origins is a wonderful 2D platformer whose goofy charm will have you smiling all the way through. "