Rayman Origins is about the creation of Rayman and his adventures with a dear friend and teammate, Globox. The two join together to form the Slap Bros. double fighting team. The Slap Bros. have to fight against many evils; including, monstrous creatures, deadly enemies, evil bosses, and the most of the most ultimate evils, Mr. Dark. Rayman's adventure began with his creation in the Primordial Forest.

On the second Summer Solstice, Betilla the nymph conjured up magnificent moonbeams and woven them together to create one last hope for the Primordial Forest and the sacred universe. This last hope was Rayman. What was created turned out being something quite unmanageable and unlikely to save the sacred universe as the nymphs wished. Along the Rayman's quest he discovers his teammate, his double, his it. As the two Slap Bros. team up to fight against evil they surprisingly change the minds of the worried nymphs and give them hope for a survival to their Primordial Forest.

Fight after fight Rayman and his fellow partner, Globox, grow together to become more than just teammates, they become true friends a friendship that could never be broken. Or was their friendship not strong enough to defeat the evil that had darkened the sacred universe and will the evil be able to tear them apart? A fallen universe, nymphs with no hope, and two friends torn apart, will this be the fate for all that Rayman Origins - Episode 1 contains? Play the game and you'll find out!

One thing all gamers will notice that sets Rayman Origins apart from other games is that it's separated into individual episodes. The Rayman Origins game is said to be so large with a saga filled of so much game play each episode will have hours of adventures with Rayman and Globox for every player. The developers swear that each episode of the Rayman Origins saga will be worth the hours it will take to play the game and well worth the money.

For the developers to divide Rayman Origins into episodes not only was good to add more design and a longer storyline to the saga but they also plan to make these episodes cheaper than most games released for HD consoles so that many can afford to buy them. The cheaper the cost but with the promise of hours of game play will be worth it in the end for all Rayman fans and gamers.

Yeah it may be something different for players who aren't used to an actual game being divided into episodes part of a saga but this division is something new and original for the gaming world while being more convenient to purchase and with an extended storyline.

Game Play

Unlike many of the other games from the Rayman series, Rayman Origins - Episode 1 brings back a 2D style or flat side view to the series which was first seen in the original Rayman game for the PS1.

Not only is Rayman Origins - Episode 1 in a 2D styled game play format but it's also in Full HD for all HD consoles: Xbox360 and PS3. The Full HD portion of the game play was required by the developers for the privilege of the gamers to see the UbiSoft team of developers' artwork, their creation in a highlighted form and in an incredible image format.

The highlighted Full HD format mixed with a 2D style will be a new and original look for all gamers used to playing the Rayman games made before Episode 1 of Rayman Origins.


Rayman Origins includes over 60 levels of 2D platforming gameplay designed for all ages and playing styles. Unlock new abilities progressively and return to previous levels to discover new paths and secrets!

Play as Rayman in the solo campaign, or have up to three friends jump in at any time to play as Globox or as one of the two Teensies. In the Multiplayer modes, you or your friends can leave whenever you want without affecting the others’ progression. Discover a rich world with over 100 characters and 12 unique environments created in a gorgeously hand-drawn and animated 2D style. An epic adventure with reams of terrifyingly ridiculous characters… A giant pink monster with hundreds of eyes; a possessed stone golem; an evil, spiky, overgrown daisy on the chase; and many more gargantuan bosses are preparing for your arrival… Run, jump, smash, crash, and fly through Rayman’s world, gaining unique abilities as you progress like swimming, diving, and the sensational “HairlyCopter.”


Rayman, saving the Glade one laugh at a time

When the Creator’s dreams began to go sour, the flighty, fun-loving nymphs assembled to invoke a creature of light capable of saving the Glade: an agile and tenacious yet carefree and comical being, destined to distract and amuse the Creator and ease his fears: Rayman… But as with most of the nymphs’ best-laid plans, in their rush to produce a savior, they lacked enough Lums to fully bring their plan to fruition, and Rayman came into the Glade with a few pieces missing…

Globox, Rayman’s best friend

Globox, the mightily squashable and equally squeamish kung fu mastodon, is the “to-may-to” to Rayman’s “to-mah-to,” the “po-tay-toe” to his “po-tah-toe”… Huh? Anyway, he’s everything a best friend should be: wacky, willing, and weird.


A Teensy is an apprentice sorcerer whom the Creator has graced with a gargantuan nose (the better to make the Bubble Dreamer’s favorite snoring music). These smallish, awkward, and often confusing creatures are particularly attuned to the subtle harmonies and perfumes of the Glade, and the (self-appointed) kings among them are said to hold the secrets to all possible pathways through the world, visible and invisible.

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  • Genre: Action/Adventure
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