Ditnopota's Prototype Review

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DarshD May 29, 10
Awesome review, Ditnopota ! And this one is long and informative too.
Are you still playing prototype?
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The Kushala Kid Jun 12, 10
I think this one tops your bioshock 2 review, you managed to cover a lot more of the details within the gameplay which is good to see since the core element of any game, should be the actual gameplay.

A couple of words do seem kinda out of place in the review, i.e "funnest", but that's maybe just me
picking it up in which case you can ignore me.

As for the rest, maybe pick out a few examples of the faults with the sound in the game.

As a headsup, I'm trying to be critical right now, but obviously, I'm struggling

I've only read this one and the bioshock 2 review so far btw.
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Ditnopota Jun 12, 10
The Bioshock 2 and Mass Effect 2 reviews are the worst ones ....

And thank you, man. All I needed was for someone to be critical of my reviews for once [instead of sugarcoating it like most of my friends do].....