Once again being cast as a nameless Postal Dude, players will explore the fictional city of Catharsis, AZ. Doing odd jobs, as well as meeting (and quite possibly confronting) city's numerous and varied inhabitants such as Eco-Terrorists, Uncle Dave's Zealot Nuns, Taliban and much more, players will be able to complete the game in one of the three possible ways: from law-obedient Good to a violence-ridden Insane. Postal Dude's arsenal will be enhanced with a number of unique weapons such as Harnessed Badger Saw, Chain Scythe and many more.

POSTAL III is not intended for Politicians, your mom, your little sister, or the priest molesting her. It is a game about free will. Violence begets violence and the choice is yours.


  • Choose between three ways to play through the game: The Good, The Bad, and Insane.
  • Interact with numerous NPC factions, powered by reactive AI and complex behavior.
  • Fusion of linear story-driven missions and huge free-roaming areas.
  • Features wide array of real-life celebrities: from Playboy Playmates to film stars and musicians.
  • The game is being developed on SourceTM Engine by Valve for Xbox 360 and PC.

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