A secret war has begun between shadowy corporations bent on world domination. Joanna Dark and her father, Jack, are caught up in the fight for the planet's future. A routine bounty hunting mission rips open a global conspiracy that will change Joanna's destiny — forever.

The year: 2020. Joanna Dark, a young and ambitious would-be secret agent, tumbles into the first of many conspiracies which are to cast a long shadow across her future. In this life-changing episode, Joanna and her father Jack find themselves swept up in the wake of circumstances which, if left unchecked, could set in motion a worldwide power struggle of devastating proportions. As Joanna faces up to impossible situations, grim revelations and motives as cold and black as death, her life rapidly boils down to a single question: can Fate erase two generations of the Dark clan from history overnight, or can they stay alive long enough to help save a world that may not be worth saving?


Players must guide Joanna Dark on her journey to become the perfect agent. Featuring a compelling and captivating story, Perfect Dark: Zero plunges players into a world of corporate espionage and conspiracy. The title merges the excitement and intrigue of its predecessor with revolutionary game design, cutting-edge online play, and amazing graphics to deliver an experience that defines next-generation gaming and entertainment.


  • Engrossing single-player action: Brought to life in startling high-definition, Perfect Dark Zero challenges players to guide Joanna Dark on her journey to become the Perfect Agent.
  • Gripping, action-packed story line: You'll assume the role of Perfect Agent Joanna Dark in a gripping story set years before the original Perfect Dark.
  • Unparalleled online play via Xbox Live: Perfect Dark Zero delivers unprecedented online action and flexibility, supporting more than 50 players online.
  • Extraordinary variety of gameplay options: You can choose between a story-driven single-player campaign and various multiplayer options, including four-player split screen and cooperative action for infinite replayability.
  • Massive arsenal of weapons, gadgets, and vehicles: Perfect Dark Zero features many of the classic weapons and gadgets from the original game, as well as countless additions. New combat-enabled vehicles are also available.

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Grencia and 23 others played Perfect Dark Zero
May 19, 12 3:52am
paid $3 for the limited edition, have yet to play it, haven't heard one good thing about it! PerfectDarkZero X360
Jul 26, 10 1:42am
WON A DEATHMATCH! YA! PerfectDarkZero X360
May 15, 10 1:27am
I got my wife hooked with this game for shooters and now we're on L4D 1 & 2 PerfectDarkZero X360
Apr 23, 09 7:32am
to many online achevs, beat the game and got 10 GP PerfectDarkZero X360
Mar 29, 09 8:41pm
I liked the original much better but this wasn't bad either. PerfectDarkZero X360
Dec 11, 08 6:00pm
NOOOOOOO. PerfectDarkZero X360
Aug 11, 07 10:04am
added 15 new screenshots
May 03, 07 9:39am
No sale PerfectDarkZero X360
Apr 10, 07 9:00am
Its ok but needs better gameplay and graphics PerfectDarkZero X360
Oct 23, 06 4:17am
yet again a great game. gorgeuose. fun. hard. intelligent. think splintercell wiht more boobs. and action. PerfectDarkZero X360
Sep 12, 06 11:01pm
Best game in my 360 library PerfectDarkZero X360
Jul 06, 06 2:50am
Great Online! PerfectDarkZero X360
Apr 16, 06 7:08pm
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Master Zhang He
Apr 16, 06 6:57pm
added a cheat
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Chinee Foo
Jan 15, 06 7:01am
wooooo PerfectDarkZero X360
Dec 21, 05 3:41am

Being a Launch title, it is still a very good solid game to try. Both single and Live...

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