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Wild Bill Sherman is a CIA agent, more specifically an assassin. When he killed himself during a mission for protecting innocent peoples, he doesn't know that what he was doing during his living time will be what he'll do during his death time. Waking up in a world he wasn't aware of its real existence, a place called Purgatory, finding a strange weapon whose name is Painkiller, Wild Bill is finding himself in the middle of the eternal war between Hell and Paradise, both parties wanting him for his abilities. In the end, the only way to survive is to kill everything that wants Bill dead...

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This new installment in the Painkiller series introduces a new Coop-Multiplayer campaign mode, new levels, new monsters and a whole new story.


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The latest addition to the Painkiller series was launched recently on Xbox 360 and PC. Resurrection didn't... posted Jan 08, 10 9:00pm

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