Taake's Ninja Blade Review

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Watain Oct 23, 13
you're, like, the only person I know who actually thinks that quick time events aren't completely intrusive and can actually add to a game that isn't like Shenmue or Indigo Prophecy.

I don't necessarily agree - I never feel like a part of God Of War when I'm doing quick time events to cut Hercules' head off. at the same time, I at least get what you're saying. maybe if Ninja Blade came out on the PS3 or one of my 360 owning friends had a copy (the PC version only exists as a torrent), I'd see exactly where you're coming from. until then, I don't know man, it's not quite something I can see eye to eye with.
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Taake Oct 30, 13
God Of War had some decent quick time events, although I wouldn't use that as an ambassador for that gameplay element. Ninja Blade is, more or less, influenced by Shenmue and Indigo Prophecy in its quick time events rather than the original Dragon's Lair or those FMV games on the Sega CD, which I feel puts it head and shoulders above the majority of games which utilize them.

The PC version is on Steam right now, actually.