Sega will be giving NiGHTS Into Dream the HD remake treatment for release this Fall on PSN, Xbox Live Arcade and Steam.

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Playing as a gender-ambiguous jester-looking being who flies into rings. Sounds fun right? Right? RIGHT?! NiGHTSIntoDreamsHD PC

Next month, NiGHTS into Dreams HD and Sonic Adventure 2 will be making their way to XBLA and PSN, as part of the... posted Sep 17, 12 12:03pm

Looks like that NiGHTS into Dreams HD remake is really happening, and we've got a trailer to prove it. Earlier... posted Jul 05, 12 11:47am

Looks like SEGA might have a NiGHTS into Dreams remake in the works, if the latest teaser is any... posted Jul 03, 12 1:30pm

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