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EA SPORTS™ presents NCAA® Basketball 09: March Madness® Edition, your chance to play through the NCAA Tournament Bracket. This Xbox® exclusive is available through Xbox LIVE® Marketplace for 1200 MS Points. Play with any of the 65 tournament teams and fight your way through each round, all the way to the Final Four. Featuring the exciting gameplay of EA SPORTS' collegiate basketball game, play to your team's ideal tempo and style of play to take your team to the title.


  • 65 to One: Start with any of the 65 tournament teams and play through the brackets to reach the ultimate goal, the championship.
  • Real brackets: Before March 18, the game will feature teams from last year's tournament. But on March 18, the game will update to include all 65 announced tournament teams from Selection Sunday.
  • Exclusive download: The game is an exclusive to Xbox LIVE Marketplace available for only 1200 MS Points.
  • Replay the tournament: If your favorite team doesn't win the actual tournament, take the helm of your team in the game and lead them to victory!

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